Love for VS Code


Love Dark Preview 1

Love Light Preview 1


Via Visual Studio Code

  1. Open the Extensions sidebar by clicking on View -> Extensions.
  2. Search for @id:Holllo.Love.
  3. Click on the green "Install" button.
  4. Done! ♥

Via the Command Line

  1. Run code --install-extension Holllo.Love.
  2. Done! ♥

From Source

Requires NodeJS and Yarn to be installed.

With a cloned repository and your current working directory at the root of it:

  1. Install the dependencies with yarn.
  2. Build the theme with yarn build:vscode.
  3. Change into the VS Code directory with cd source/vscode/.
  4. Install the packaging utility by running yarn.
  5. Create the .vsix package with yarn package.
  6. Install the theme with code --install-extension love-0.1.4.vsix.
  7. Done! ♥